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Marty G.

marty-picAfter years of suffering from a chronic stomach illness, at the age of 40 I finally decided to make a drastic change in my diet. One of these changes was to drink way less coffee (if any) and replace it with tea. I remember venturing off to my local grocery store to pick up whatever tea I could find. I wanted something to drink in the morning before breakfast. I was completely clueless and had no idea what to look for. I picked up a ‘chamomile’ herbal tea, simply because of it’s zen-like packaging.

Next morning, I pour myself a delicious cup of the herbal tea not realizing that it had no caffeine, and was meant to help with sleep! Not a good tea start.

Over the years I’ve learned lots about this wonderful gift from Mother Nature. I now have a true affection for this magnificent drink and I continue to consume it daily. I truly believe that drinking tea has helped with my stomach issues. I use a variety of tea for its numerous health benefits.

Favorite: Bollywood Chai tea. (But ask me in a few months!)

Lorena L.

13178753_10156927896815626_1564086386794769869_nLorena enjoys learning everything there is to know about tea, seeking out new favorites and when possible, visiting tea plantations around the world.

My tea obsession began by accident after I randomly wandered into a small local tea shop in Chinatown and spoke with the owner about all the ways in which people purchased their teas for naturally treating different symptoms and illnesses. Since then I’ve been back several times and have purchased a tea to help with cramps, a tea to help with my father’s sleep after successfully quitting smoking and a tea to help with my mom’s diabetes.

Whether I’m working, relaxing or hanging out with friends, there’s always a steaming hot cup of tea in my hands.

Current favorite: waking up to mint tea in the morning before moving onto a cup of coffee!