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10 Countries to Look Out For When Getting Your Tea Fix
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10 Countries to Look Out For When Getting Your Tea Fix


Tea is not just a simple beverage. It’s embedded in the cultural tradition of most countries where tea is very popular. As consumers of tea, we should know all about its importance and about the top countries which contribute to the production of tea around the world. We cannot take away the importance of tea in our lives and that is why we should know more about it. Here are the top countries known for being the top producers of tea.


This country might not be easily recognized as a nation with a rich history of tea drinking and production but it’s on the list of top producers of tea. In Argentina, cultural traditions are embedded in the consumption and production of tea. Argentina is well known for the production of yerba mate tea because of how this tea contains many health benefits that we should know about. Tea production can be traced back to the colonial era of Argentina.


UAE is truly known for exporting tea around the world. UAE is known for their dynamics in the trade of tea and this is why this nation should be really recognized when it comes to distributing around the world especially because they are recognized as the best re-exporter for famous brands of tea. That’s also why tea is a very popular drink in UAE. Everywhere you go, tea is served and you definitely won’t be disappointed with their quality of tea.


The tea preparation in Vietnam is very well known especially because of how the tea drinking culture is valued in their society. For Vietnamese people, drinking tea is a way of the learned and a hobby of the elders. Tea is produced in many areas in the country of Vietnam. Their tea plantations are strategically located in the mountains with the perfect agricultural conditions of growing tea. This is why Vietnam is a country you shouldn’t miss when talking about tea.


If you’ve already noticed, tea production is very reliant on the conditions of the agricultural landscape of a nation. Uganda is known to be a top tea producer because of this and because of how its people manage the tea plantations very efficiently. A cultural background on tea is also responsible with how people value tea as a product that they value as their own and as a product that they will offer to other countries.


The history of tea in Malawi is very rich. It spans up to the 1800s where tea was first planted on the soils of this nation. The tea plantations of this country are manned by many hardworking people and this makes the country a top exporter of tea in the world. Further, 90% of the tea that comes from their tea plantations are exported around the world and are taken by tea brands because of the rich quality of tea that comes from this land.


Persian tea is very famous because of its distinct quality and taste and also because of the rich cultural background it exists in. The tea plantations in Iran are very much like those in India because of how they maintain the plantations to be on hillsides. The history of tea in this nation can be traced back up to the 15th century where people really demanded for the consumption of tea. With this demand came the demand to export tea around the world. As Iran produces a large amount of tea for export, it also maintains to produce the same amount of tea for its people who are very keen in having that perfect cup of Persian tea.


If you have visited Indonesia, you may havenoticed their tradition of tea preparation that makes it really significant to its people. Tea is a staple drink for Indonesians and the tea plantations in Indonesia are known to be a sight to behold. Tea that comes from Indonesia is usually high grade and premium tea because of the presence of private owners of tea plantations in the country. This also makes the country a top producer and exporter of tea around the world and at the same time, the domestic supply for tea is also high because of how people in Indonesia value it very much.


Tea drinking is really prominent in Asian countries and it’s really not always all about the west. Thailand is known for its much known Thai tea which is popular to the people inside and outside of Thailand. The Thai tea is brewed from the strong brew of Ceylon tea. Due to the wide population of tea drinkers in Thailand, tea plantations are all over this country and the Thai people know how a plantation must maintain its proper upkeep and that is how Thailand is one of the top exporters of tea in the world.


Bangladesh is truly a tea growing nation because of the high quality they produce and export every year. The climate in this country makes it easier for tea to grow in the plantations. The history of tea production in Bangladesh can be rooted to how they were under the British rule and tea production has really been a part of their trade and industry.


Poland is the home of top tea brands and manufacturers which are multinational corporations. This is the reason why Poland is gaining its identity as a top tea producer in the world. When it comes to tea consumption, Poland also ranks high within Europe and this is the main reason why they have also turn consumption into production that will address not only their nation but as an exporter. Poland is known for the high quality black tea they produce and in the country, you wouldn’t miss the tea houses lining up its streets!

Let them have tea!

Tea is part of our daily lives and that is why we should know more about it, its history and its origins. Knowing the top producers of tea in the world is a step in knowing more about the industry of tea production and consumption!


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